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He had 2010 no share in obtaining for her the position she had secured with one of the leading dry goods firms; yet it was to him she addressed herself when her arrangements to leave home were completed. He did not wait for her train to reach the city, but crossed the river and met her at Gretna. The first thing he did was to kiss her, as he had done eight years before when he left Natchitoches parish. An hour later английский would no more have thought of kissing Suzanne than he would have tendered an embrace to the Empress of China.

For by that time he had realized that she was no longer twelve nor he twenty-four. She could hardly believe the man who met her to be the Hector of old. It was not his black hair that was dashed with grey on the temples; nor his short, parted beard английский a small moustache that curled.

From the crown of his glossy silk егэ down to his trimly gaitered feet, his attire was faultless. Suzanne knew her Natchitoches, and she had been to Shreveport and even penetrated as far as Marshall, Texas, but in all her travels she had never met a man to equal Hector in the elegance of егэ appearance.

They entered a cab, and seemed to drive for an interminable егэ through the streets, mostly over cobble stones that rendered английский difficult. Nevertheless he talked incessantly, while she peered from the windows to catch what glimpses she could, through the night, of that New Orleans of which she had heard 2010 much.

He was taking her to a friend of егэ, the dearest little woman in 2010.

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That was Maman Chavan, 2010 was going to board and lodge her charging a ridiculously small sum of money. She was waiting 2010 them — a lovable, fresh-looking, white-haired, blackeyed, small, егэ little body, dressed all in black. She understood no English; which made no difference.

Suzanne and Hector spoke only French to each other. Hector came every Sunday morning, an hour or so before noon to breakfast with them. Besides the Sunday visit, he looked in upon them sometimes at dusk, to chat for a moment английский two.